Early Intervention + Pre-School

The Problem:

After diagnosis, families typically receive 2-6 months of early intervention/ ABA before transitioning to preschool special day classes.  There is little or no continuity for the child, and typically great distress for the parents who have just gotten a first effective treatment plan in place.

The Solution:

Develop a program that incorporates first intervention into a continuum of programs from first 1:1 intervention to a special day class to an integrated preschool.  IFSP and IEP driven learning available by working collaboratively with regional centers and schools to fund a unitary model of continuous care as a day treatment/ non-public program/ non-public school.

Level 1:

Direct Instruction Class

Staffing: (1:1) Expert ABA therapist with PRT orientation and 1:1 tutors.

Hours:  Up to 25 hours/week of 1:1

Program:  1:1 teaching to establish instructional control (attention, compliance, imitation) plus introduction to PRT methods for teaching adaptive behaviors (eating, dressing, toileting) and play/ social communication.  Continued parent training groups at drop-off times.  Supervised observational learning by arrangement.

Level 2:

Transition Group

Staffing: (1:2) Expert special education preschool teacher with junior coaches and parents as staff.

Hours:  Up to 10 hours per week of 1:1, up to 15 hours per week of group with time in 1:1 decreasing, and time in group increasing with length on enrollment and readiness for learning in an imitative learning milieu.

Program: Gradual introduction to highly structured, highly visual classroom after development of basic initial communication (receptive & expressive) with pictures or words.  Parents learn further skills by working with their own child and others.  Parents volunteer for 50% of child’s non-1:1 hours.

Level 3:

Integrated Preschool/ Afterschool

Staffing: (1:3) Expert special education preschool teacher with junior coaches, parents, and siblings/ neighbors as typical peers including older peers in afterschool hours

Hours:  Up to 30 hours per week.

Program: Introduction to learning from scaffolded peer models under intensive supervised activity while following group routines and learning through imitation. Peers would be older (after school hour day care) or younger than pupils for more developmentally appropriate peer learning than in a same age preschool. Continued 1:1 direct teaching reserved for pre-teaching play skills, video-modeling of play intended to generalize directly to class.