Michelle Hecht, MS, BCBABehavioral Coach, JSLTL

Behavioral Coach, JumpStart Learning to Learn

(Email: mhecht@autismjumpstart.org)

Michelle Hecht has an educational background in psychology, special education and behavior analysis. (Vassar College, BA; University of Minnesota, MA and EdS; University of North Texas, BCBA #1-10-7045).  She strives to integrate expertise in learning and behavior across the lifespan, with a focus on infants, children, and adults with autism and other developmental and learning differences.  She works in a variety of contexts, including agencies, classrooms, preschools, and homes, collaborating with parents and other professionals across disciplines to help support individuals to be successful in learning and life.

Michelle has an independent practice, and contracts with other agencies in the Bay Area, including Gateway Learning Group, The ArcSF, and San Francisco Bay Area school districts.  Her private practice contact is michelle.hecht@sbcglobal.net  (415-308-5764).