ACNC supports families living with autism from diagnosis through adulthood

We are fully open and offer in-person appointments following health and safety guidelines

An intensive week-long one-on-one parent and child coaching program focused on providing families with skills to support their child’s learning at home and school, understand their child’s specific learning style and areas of need, as well as psycho-education around on-going services and interventions. Families alternate working one-on-one with behavior, communication, social skills, play, and psycho-educational interventionists.

Neurodevelopment Assessment Clinic (NDAC) is a multidisciplinary assessment clinic focusing on youth with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders.  Our model, developed by our founder, Dr. Siegel, is used to link assessment results to design individualized teaching strategies. NDAC emphasizes continuity of care by providing a center for families to come to for follow up visits as children move beyond initial diagnosis and outgrow early intervention programs. Families can return annually, or when they have new questions.

School and Behavior Consultation Clinic (SBCC) is a consultative service that combines a developmental perspective with behavior analysis principles, when implementing continuity of care. SBCC offers assistance with behavior interfering with home life or school participation, as well as help with bridging the gap between schools and parents. SBCC staff also provide help in development of autism-specific IEP goals, IEE’s, and expert litigation support .

LaunchPad is a new program for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum, and their families. LaunchPad evaluations aim to help parents and youth develop strategies for the transition to adulthood.  This includes individualized recommendations and help identifying vocational training, apprenticeships, higher education programs, and support services.